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Gerd Weyhing is a German Composer and Musician in the area of Progressive Rock, Ambient, Drone, Soundscapes and Electronic Music. he lives and works in a small quiet village in the Palatinate Forest / Germany.

From early childhood he played various instruments including Accordion, Clarinet and Organ. He picked up the Guitar at the age of 14 and stayed with it until today. Recently he started to play with a 12string tapping guitar similar to the Chapman Stick, he also started to play the drums.

His Inspirations include the Beatles, Mike Oldfield, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Magma, Hedningarna, Klaus Schulze, Steve Reich and (recently) Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin.

He started to compose long, complex pieces with unusual rhythms and meters at the age of 18, one of them is “Sutherland“, consisting of 4 parts; the recording of it has been started in 2013.

While staying in the Scottish Highlands, he met Morris Pert who also lived there, and had a few great sessions (sadly never recorded).

In the 1990s he was Guitarist, Singer and Writer in the Progessive Band “Brightness Falls“, named after a Song of Robert Fripp and David Sylvian. The Band dissolved after a few years; its Remnants contined as “B4 Sunrise“, comprising of Reinhold Krämer, Wolfgang Bechtluft and Michael Brückner etc.

Having tried to find a convincing way of making solo live music for many years, he discovered the Software Ableton Live, and since a couple of years he is able to play Guitar with a few Effects Devices (Loops, Delays, etc.) alongside with what the software has to offer, managing the art of blending the “Guitar World” and the “Electronics World” increasingly better

With this concept he started to play live much more often, beginning in 2012, on numerous Museum Nights throuhgout Germany, as well as Electronic Music events like the Schallwende Grillfest in Essen and the Dinosaurier Treffen No. 3 in Bocholt in 2013.

His CD “the hidden symmetry”, recorded live in December 2011, was received well, e.g. in <Eclipsed-Magazine 02/2014 (8/10), on Babyblaue Seiten and

The new Double CD “Journeys to imposible places” consists of the best live recordings of 2013 was reviewed on Babyblaue Seiten (12/15) and
In the Schallwelle Award Elections 2013 he reached 3rd place in the category “New discovery 2013”.

At the Moment he works on the complete recording of “Sutherland” and is busy composing new music in the areas of Minimal Music and
Progressive Rock. A few other musicians have engaged in collaborations with him, making sure that he will not die of boredom.
[:en]Biographie Gerd Weyhing (DE)

Biography Gerd Weyhing (EN)[:fr]Biographie Gerd Weyhing (DE)

Biography Gerd Weyhing (EN)

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